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Causes and Signs of Cavities in Children

Causes and Signs of Cavities in Children

Causes and Signs of Cavities in Children

Dental health is important! Let’s face it, we often tend to focus on dental health at a later stage in life. However, some of the best pediatric dentists in Pune have suggested that it is crucial to pay attention to your oral hygiene from an early age. As a parent, do not be afraid to teach your kids the importance of maintaining oral hygiene from the initial stages of their life.

At times, even after brushing and flossing regularly, your child’s teeth are vulnerable to decay and oral problems. Tooth decay is not uncommon among children who are in the age group between 2 to 6 years. Hence, it is very important, as a parent to ensure your kids visit the dentists regularly.


Creative Dental Clinic is one of the Best dentists offering a wide range of technologically advanced dental treatments including, root canal, teeth whitening, dental implants, and more. We have successfully treated hundreds of patients including kids. We understand kids are skeptical about visiting a dentist and hence, we offer a comfortable clinical environment.

Our dental doctors in Pune have shed some light on how cavities affect children and the root cause of the same.


Food items and beverages that contain a high amount of sugar and carbonated substances build up the formation of bacteria in the mouth which eventually leads to a cavity. As these food items contain strong acids, they start decaying the enamel of the tooth making it weak. Food stuck between your teeth, lack of flossing, incorrect brushing technique, and consumption of sweet food and beverages are some of the major causes of cavities amongst children.

tooth sensitivity

Symptoms of cavity

The signs and symptoms of cavity vary based on the severity of the decay. The major signs of cavity include:

1. Pain in the tooth
2. High tooth sensitivity
3. Pain while drinking hot or cold beverages
4. Hole in the tooth
5. Stains on the tooth, tooth darkening
6. Gum swelling

symptoms of cavity in childrens

Cavity in children

Cavities in children may develop at a tender age. Hence, oral health should be a priority from the beginning to avoid further complications. In addition, dental problems severely affect the bite, the chewing, and speaking capacity of children. The Best pediatric dentists will ensure parents have the right knowledge about children’s oral health and issues related to the same.

teeth cavity

1. Regular brushing using the right technique – twice a day
2. Daily flossing to get rid of plaque stuck between teeth
3. Reduce the consumption of food items rich in sugar and starch
4. Drink more water
5. Regular dental checkups

kids tooth prevention from cavity

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