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Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom Tooth extraction in Pune

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, usually erupt out of the gums in the late teens or early twenties for adults. Being the last set of molar teeth, they may not emerge for few people and for the rest, up to four numbers of wisdom tooth can get developed in every corner of mouth. As such, development and emergence of wisdom tooth does not cause much of problem except for the following reasons

  • • Teeth getting impacted due to lack of space
  • • While erupting through the gum tissue
  • • Completely getting embedded in jaw bone
  • • Exerting pressure on adjacent tooth

Although it is difficult to clean wisdom teeth owing to its extreme position and location, our dentists do not recommend wisdom teeth extraction< if they do not pose any pain or other dental problems. Having said that, we strongly recommend for their extraction, in the event of infection. Our experienced team of oral surgeon and periodontist performswisdom tooth extraction in Puneand ensures minimal discomfort and pain.

Many a time, the pain caused by wisdom tooth need not be necessarily because of its impingement on to the second molar tooth, but due to the pressure it exerts on the gum tissues. Our doctors easily relieve the symptoms of pain by cutting back the gum and thereby facilitate its pain-free and easy emergence. On the other hand, tooth extraction is the only option to handle impingement. Our oral surgeons adopt the usual extraction procedures under local anesthesia to permanently relieve the pain symptoms. In few instances, surgeons of Creative Dental Clinic & Implant Centre may have to resort to bone cutting to assist easy removal & also provide the wisdom teeth removal in affordable cost

The pain caused by emergence of wisdom teeth is seldom bearable and it would always be a good choice to contact us immediately and avail suitable further treatments.