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Family dentistry

a) Oral prophylaxis
It is nothing but cleaning teeth with stains that may occur as a result of coffee, tea, tobacco, betel nut chewing or cigarette smoking.

Actually if not removed in time these deposits can give nourishment to bacteria, which can further lead to teeth decay or gum disease.

b) Flap surgery
Flap surgery includes treatment of diseased gum tissue. We treat any kind of gum disease causing bad breath, bleeding gums and tooth loss. Treatment allows better adaptation with underlying bone.

c) Pediatric care
From a very small age, bring your child to the clinic just to form a positive association leading to good dental habits.

We have a specialized team for treating pediatric patients. So we will take care of them from their childhood to adolescence and later.

d) Dental sealants
Dental sealants (anti-cavity coatings) or fluoride supplements (tooth-strengthening mineral) are used for decay susceptible areas of the other teeth in young patients.

e) Tooth extraction
Our aim is to always achieve painless extraction. But we always try to save the tooth as nothing can replace the natural one.

f) Removal of impacted wisdom tooth
The most common teeth to become impacted are the wisdom teeth and then the maxillary cuspid (corner tooth).

It requires surgical removal of overlying bone and sometimes tissue. It can be done under local anesthesia and also under sedation anaesthesia in those with anxiety or medical illnesses.

g) Root canals
Severe decay or serious injury can damage your tooth and allow bacteria to invade the soft tissue or pulp.

With modern equipments, available latest technology and advanced anesthetic options in our clinic can provide comfort during and after the procedure. This is often followed by placement of a crown over the treated tooth.

h) Apicoectomy
It includes surgical removal of infected portion around the root tip which may persist even after a good root canal treatment or retreatment. This can improve the longevity of the affected tooth.

i) Dental bridge
This gives a fixed option for replacement of one or two teeth. It is built by taking the support of adjacent natural teeth. This only requires proper oral cleansing habits and regular follow-up to the dental clinic to prevent decay beneath the bridge.

These can be fabricated from a range of materials same as that used for fabricating crowns.

j) Removable dentures
Dentures refer to false teeth, which take the support of gums. These artificial replacements have to be taken out and placed back in the mouth.

Dentures not only improve chewing but also provide support to the lips and cheeks which make you feel younger.

They also improve the pronunciation of certain words spoken with the association of front teeth. Don’t you feel it will definitely enhance your self-esteem!

Remember dentures have to be cleaned after every use preferably.

k) Flexible/ Semi-flexible dentures
These are innovative, light weight removable dentures with adequate strength. Their flexibility allows them to adapt continuously to the constant movements in the mouth. They are very durable and cosmetically pleasing.

l) Dentures
Regain your smile and your life with a set of tailor made dentures. This is yet another economical option.

One-on-one designed dental prosthesis that functions as nature intended, improves your appearance and lets you enjoy the benefits of a healthy, complete smile.

m) Tissue conditioning and relining
Tissue conditioning involves adding a soft lining material to the fitting surface of your existing dentures to facilitate healing and to continue its wear whilst the healing process takes place.

n) Preprosthetic surgeries
It improves the depth of the sulcus creating attached gingiva to gain stability for the dentures and also to improve health of the teeth or implants.