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Aesthetic dentistry

“A bright, sparkling smile can change the way people see you and how you feel about yourself.” Some have even said that their smile became brighter, days after their dental appointment.

An aesthetic dentist implements a combination of several of the following procedures to give you that perfect smile which will put a smile on your face.

a)    Teeth whitening (Bleaching)
Whitening of the teeth is performed for patients who desire a whiter or a brighter smile. We choose the method which will suit you the best; either in-office or take-home teeth whitening. Just be ready for a dazzling smile! Regular brushing, flossing, dental check-up plus an annual touch-up at home can keep your teeth sparkling white for long.

b)    Aesthetic recontouring
This is a smile enhancement procedure which can easily be achieved just by contouring shape and size of the teeth.

c)   Tooth coloured fillings
We will put your fear to rest. The most favourite material; composite, restore decayed teeth, make cosmetic improvement and even change the colour or shape of your teeth. It will dramatically enhance your smile from inherent discolourations, gaps and beautifully correct improperly aligned/ crooked teeth. We actually apply a bonding material, sculpt, colour and shape it to provide a pleasing result. More than that, we tint the filling to match the natural tooth colour. Aesthetics, function and performance all rolled into one!

d)    Porcelain veneers
These are completely customized taking into consideration certain parameters like face size, shape, complexion and even the personality. It can actually redesign and rejuvenate your smile. Porcelain looks and feels completely natural, rather life-like.

e)  Full -porcelain crowns
An all-porcelain crown lets you retain your all-white smile and provides protection and strength to keep looking good. As per our prescription the well-trained dental lab creates a custom restoration with the perfect colour and characterization to give real life effect to the lost tooth structure. All ceramic crowns with unsurpassable aesthetics and good strength are suited for both front and back teeth. Full ceramic crowns can also come with the worldwide warranty.

f) Crowns
A crown is a full coverage restoration that provides structural durability and at the same time restores the function.

A crown is also mandatory if any of your tooth has undergone a root canal treatment especially the back one. The crown may increase its life many times.

The crowns can be made up of different materials:

i.    Cr-Co crown: These are black coloured. They should be used in the areas which are not visible on smiling.

ii.    Porcelain fused to metal crown: Tooth coloured crowns of ceramic with metal backing.

iii.    Emax or Zirconia crowns: Imitate great aesthetics and real life effect to the tooth. Also refer full porcelain crowns.

iv.    Gold crown: Although most expensive and looks yellow, it is the most ideal option. Soothing and kind to the opposing tooth structure, gold is the most favoured material of all the above.

g) Smile makeover
Just by giving an aesthetically pleasing crown or doing natural looking tooth coloured filling on a single tooth, we cannot achieve the required aesthetic boost. In such cases all the teeth which are visible during smiling have to be considered, studied and treated as a unit. Then you just see how you get that perfect smile! You may have lost a tooth because of decay or an accident. This missing tooth can change your smile, alignment of adjacent teeth, facial profile and generate undue stresses on remaining teeth while eating. Smile makeover will definitely get your teeth in harmony.

h) Tooth supported fixed bridge
A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. It is an artificial tooth connected between two crowns that are permanently cemented on the adjacent teeth. Once the tooth is removed, it should be replaced within a period of time. Otherwise, the space created by the missing tooth will allow the adjacent as well as opposing teeth to shift. This can cause misalignment of the teeth which may result in problems related to chewing, food lodgement and jaw joint problems. Thus, it becomes important to get the tooth replaced with an artificial prosthesis within a stipulated time. Almost all materials used for fabrication of crowns can be used for fabricating bridges.

i)   Inlays and onlays
Sometimes the decay or fracture in a tooth is so extensive that it is not possible to place a direct filling material. If done, it would adversely affect the structural integrity of the remaining portion of the tooth, which may cause fracture.

j)Cosmetic gum shaping
The “Gummy Smile” is a problem where your gums are more visible on smiling. This makes the teeth appear small. Gum sculpting is often the solution. This kind of cosmetic procedure gives a more natural and pleasing smile.

k) Full-mouth reconstruction
If your smile suffers from severe damage or neglect, then it can be regained with full-mouth reconstruction. Such patients can have multiple decayed, missing or worn teeth. Patients may be suffering from a number of problems like pain, sensitivity, inability to eat and chew etc. This is generally achieved by performing recommended series of general, cosmetic, and/ or restorative treatments.

l) Braces
This revolutionary treatment inconspicuously straightens teeth. There are multiple options available. We can choose any of them; either the metallic, ceramic (tooth coloured) or lingual (i.e. placed from inside). We also have the option of giving invisaligners or clear aligners which can be used as per your convenience at home to straighten the teeth.