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Wisdom Tooth: Pain, Causes & Cures

With age comes wisdom, and also wisdom tooth! As one enters into adulthood, they experience a significant development in dental anatomy. Evolved during late teens, between 17-21 wisdom teeth are basically third molars that are also called impacted tooth because they grow in a different direction as there isn’t enough space in the jaw for them to accommodate. As wisdom teeth are blocked because of lack of enough space to grow, they push through the...

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Is It Wise To Remove Wisdom Teeth ?

Akin to many other medical practices and procedures, dental treatments are also filled with many myths and fads. Hence it pays rich dividends when facts pertaining to dental health are shared with patients, as they help them to make informed and consented decisions. So, while interacting with young adult patients or their anxious patients, we often encounter questions regarding wisdom teeth – should they be removed or left as such. Let us discuss! What Are...