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Dental tourism – Affordable and world-class treatment

The way a person carries his/her smile speaks a lot about their personality. Ever felt embarrassed while laughing in your circle due to stained teeth, bad breath, or not-so-pleasing smile? Perhaps everyone does at some point in time, these changes with dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. But then, not all countries charge the same for a high-class dental treatment. Good news is dental tourism covers up your wallet concerns. The growth of the Indian healthcare...

December 20, 2016 | Dental Care, Dental Myths | No comments

6 Dental Myths That Can Harm Your Teeth

Many times, fiction becomes stronger than fact and hence it is no wonder woes behind dental practices getting upper hand. Spread through word of mouth or deep rooted beliefs, many dental myths have huge potential to create catastrophe for your oral health. Infact, while interacting with our patients visiting our dental clinic in Pune, we find most of them having poor knowledge of facts pertaining to dental health. Let us have a glimpse of few...